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  • The Inspiration Project

    16 November 2023. Nigel joins Brendan Corr of The Inspiration Project, an Australian Christian College (ACC) podcast. Listen through the player or ACC link below. From the ACC website description: On this episode of The Inspiration Project, Brendan Corr talks to Emeritus Professor Nigel Biggar about what attracted him to an academic life, why books… Read more

  • An honest conversation about colonialism

    15 November 2023. In this episode of Australiana, a podcast of The Spectator Australia, Nigel joins host Will Kingston to discuss colonialism. From the episode description: Today, colonialism is viewed by many as the original sin of British history. The truth is far more complex. Theologian, ethicist, and author Nigel Biggar is one of the… Read more

  • A nation divided cannot stand

    9 November 2023. Nigel makes a guest appearance on ADH TV’s Fred Pawle Show. ‘A nation divided cannot stand: Some parts of London look more like central Asia than Britain. Enoch Powell envisaged this, and warned that it would lead to instability and violence. Special guests: Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, Professor Nigel Biggar and Avi Yemini.… Read more

  • Times letters: Moral legitimacy of military action in Gaza

    31 Oct 2023. Nigel Biggar for The Times. Sir, to be fully proportionate, Israel’s response to Hamas’s deliberately indiscriminate slaughter of October 7 needs more than the prospect of military success and a reconstructed Gaza (“Is this a just war? Let’s apply some tests”, Philip Collins, Oct 30). It needs to belong to a political… Read more

  • The left doesn’t mean what it says

    28 October 2023. The Spectator. ‘Nigel Biggar, from the University of Oxford, says a new progressive has emerged, which is far more cynically-motivated than the old kind. These new progressives back fashionable, left-wing causes for money, and because their thinking is founded in a kind of warped Christianity. To explain, Nigel joins Cindy Yu.’ Read more

  • Scottish Separation: A Faith in Search of an Adequate Rationale

    25 October 2023. By Nigel Biggar for the Scottish Episcopal Institute Journal. I have a dog in the political fight over Scottish independence. Proud to have been born in Kirkcudbrightshire, the son of a Scottish father and an English mother, educated on both sides of the border, and now living in England, I would not… Read more