The West: Liberty or Death

26 March 2023.

Whatever happened to Western self-confidence? New Culture Forum Senior Fellow Marc Sidwell introduces a new documentary series, investigating the mystery of how the West lost faith in itself after the end of the Cold War. Nigel offers his perspective in the first episode.

The New Culture Forum, The West, Episode 1

New episodes of The West will premiere weekly on the NCF YouTube channel:

  • Episode 2: The Christian Revolution
  • Episode 3: The Rule of Law
  • Episode 4: The Invention of Science
  • Episode 5: How Did The West Get So Rich?
  • Episode 6: Is The West History?

‘In six 30-40 minute episodes, The West offers a brand new, panoramic account of our extraordinary, unconventional civilisation. This is the great, and still unfolding adventure of Western civilisation: who we are and why it matters, retold for a new generation. The West is written and presented by Marc Sidwell, Senior Fellow at the New Culture Forum and author of the NCF’s critically acclaimed book: “The Long March: How the Left Won the Culture War and What To Do About it”‘. — from the NCF YouTube Channel

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