Nigel Biggar On Colonialism

5 May 2023.

A qualified defense of the British empire, which unwound itself and ended slavery.

‘Nigel Biggar is an Anglican priest, academic and writer. Formerly the Regius Professor of Moral and Pastoral Theology at Oxford, he now directs the McDonald Centre for Theology, Ethics & Public Life and chairs the board of the UK’s Free Speech Union. The author of many books on ethics, his new controversial one is Colonialism: A Moral Reckoning.’ — The Weekly Dish

“The Weekly Dish – Nigel Biggar On Colonialism”.

‘Other topics: writing his book as a response to revisionism; the 1619 Project; the difficulty he had getting it published; the various motives of British colonialism and its slow development; how anti-slavery stemmed from the Enlightenment and Christianity; the colonists who fled poverty and religious persecution; the Irish Famine; the contempt and fear and racism toward native peoples; the natives who welcomed trade and protection; whether plagues were intentional or unavoidable; non-European empires and human sacrifice; the ubiquity of slavery throughout history; the unique evil of the transatlantic trade; maroons who kept slaves of their own; Zionism; the colonists who prized foreign cultures; the hypocrisy of British subjects in America exploiting natives; the Indian MP in the 1890s; Indians fighting alongside the British in WWII; the decolonized who embraced the liberal institutions of the Brits; the Chinese who fled communism for the colony of Hong Kong; the diversity of Boris’ cabinet; and the historic triumph of Rishi Sunak.’ — The Weekly Dish

Listen to the full interview in the player above, or directly at The Weekly Dish website. Below are two excerpts from the interview.

What makes an empire worse than others? The Weekly Dish
Did colonialism start or just exploit wars? The Weekly Dish

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