There is no moral case for Britain paying slavery reparations

14 May 2023. Nigel Biggar for The Sunday Telegraph.

The UK did not play a unique role in the trade in human bondage, but it did in ending it.

Whether Laura Trevelyan wants to personally right her ancestor’s wrongs is her affair, but as a country we should not follow in the ex-BBC anchor’s footsteps (Source: The Telegraph)

The clamour for reparations is growing louder. Last month, Laura Trevelyan announced that she is doing penance fro the sins of her slave-owning ancestors by giving £100,000 to an economic development fund in Grenada. Having left the BBC, she began her campaign by challenging King Charles to apologise for William III’s investment in the slave-trading Royal African Company in the 1690s. Then Bell Ribeiro-Addy, Labour MP for Streatham, picked up the baton by demanding that Rishi Sunak “offer a full and meaningful apology for our country’s role in slavery … and commit to reparatory justice”. If the Labour Party forms the next government, we can expect this demand to intensify.

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